Sunday, August 29, 2010

Crack of Dawn

Thats the time I was up this morning - The Crack of Dawn.  OK it probably was a bit after that but I was up at 6.10 & out the door at 6.15.  I decided that the beach of a morning is the best place.  To the end & back is around 5ks.  It was beautiful & I had the whole beach to myself (well except for my dog!)  Since there was nobody around I started of jogging.  I managed about 1km before my body was screaming, that took 8mins 40.  I need to properly track to see if it is 1km but the sign on the beach says the toilet is 1km away & that is where I ran to.  I did the whole walk in 48mins (I slowed down a bit too much after my run) & burnt 360 calories.

My hockey team is playing in a final tonight so I am going up to play off th bench, since we have moved I have only played 1 game as the 1.5hr drive each way is a bit off putting especially when I have to drive back in the dark & there is so much wildlife on the roads, I don't fancy hitting a wombat!!

I am also hanging out until Thursday.  First its my Son's 4th Birthday & secondly our internet goes back to normal speed.  I haven't been able to watch the pre-season video's yet as they take too long to load so Thursday Night will be watching night & properly doing the tasks.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creating a Habit

I am hoping that keeping this blog will keep me more accountable.  I need routine!!  I am trying to start my routing before round 3 starts so I can go in with all guns firing. 

First is exercise.  I have been bike riding 3 out of the past 4 days.  I have managed to cut 3 mins off my time each time I go out.  I think its about 6km I am riding so once I have that under control (haven't riden my bike for 10 years!) I will extend it which means hills!  I am also going to fit in a walk most days.  My aim is to do one of those exercises in the morning & the other in the afternoon.  I also have Mich's Crunch Time Book so I might start thoses exercises before Round 3 starts so I am not in for such a surprise when it starts. 

Food, I know what I should be eating, I just don't do it.  So I am going to cut down on the bad stuff & start replacing it with the good.

Scales, I am almost too scared to get on them, I know they are going to show a number I have never seen before, not even when I was pregnant.  I will build up the courage soon!

Lets hope by the time Round 3 starts I am already seeing results.

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is it.

Well this is it, no more excuses.  I am here to get healthy & lose weight.

Tonight I have signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation & I have done it for me.  Not for anyone else but me (although I am sure my husband will appreciate it).  But to back track I will take it from the beginning.

My name is Chelsea & I live on the Tasman Peninsula with my Husband & 3 Children (10,6 & nearly 4) we moved here 3 months ago from Hobart.  We made the move so we could have more time with our Children by reducing our working hours.  I had plans of Grandeur, I was going to walk the beach at our door step everyday & lose the 25kgs I needed to lose.  This was 3 months ago, yes we have made the move, yes we have reduced our working hours (I am not working at all yet!), yes we have more time for our children but NO I haven't lost any of the 25kgs, infact I have put on 6kgs!  So this is it, I don't have any excuses I AM going to lose weight & I am going to fit it in around the kids.  Mr 3yo poses problems at time as he doesn't like walking (although I have got him into walking a few k's at a time but its slow) & he is refusing to sit in a pram but I WILL get up early to exercise & I have some time when hubby gets home.  I have dusted off the bike & have started riding & boy is my bum sore!!
I am looking forward to the tasks, even more so when our internet connection gets back up to speed, damn you shaping!  Slowly trying to load the pre-season tasks at the moment.

Lets get this weight loss moving!!