Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well here we are Day 1 of Round 2 2011 & wow the forums are going crazy!
I have had a few "lighbulb" moments since coming home from Melbourne & I have to say I am pumped for this round.  I also get to say that I am no longer Obese.  I am just overweight now.  I have 15kgs to go until I get to a healthy weight range & I am going to do everything I can to get there this round.  Since I lost 10kg in Round 3 last year & 5kg in Round 1 this year I know it will be tough but I now believe that I can do this.  I know that I can get to a healthy weight & by telling my friends & family this time about what I want I know I have too!!!
I have also managed to recruit a few friends to join me in this round & now have Tim (my hubby) & one of the Teachers at School doing it locally with me then I have a few friends up in Hobart & a few interstate so now we can support each other.  I am also hoping to organise a PT to run sessions on a Sunday in Hobart for those doing the 12wbt.  It will be a bit of a hike for us to do it but I need a chance to train around people, I push myself more when around others to this is just something else to help me along my way.

So in signing off today I will put up my beach run time.  The Beach is anywhere from 2.4km to 2.5km each way depending on the tide! today my time was 32mins & I did it non stop
(low tide today).  Tim's time was just over 36mins.  I am hoping to improve this greatly over the next 12 weeks.

xx Chels

Monday, May 16, 2011

Neglect & Why

I'm sorry, I have neglected this blog.  Why because I was embarrassed that I wasn't sticking to things (I even considered starting a new one).  Here I was on Round 2 encouraging people to be their best & I wasn't doing the same.  Why?  I thought I could do this by myself.  I can't I am not ready for that yet.  I need to follow Mish's plans.  Yes I still lost 5.5kg but I could have blitzed it so now here I am nearing Winter when I will be blitzing it in the cold.  I also felt ashamed to put it on the forums.  As Support Crew I felt I should know how to do it.  I realise how silly I was being now.  Round 2 2011 is my round.  I am cutting all crap (not to much to cut) & I will be exercising most days.  I have DVD's & some Gym equipment so there are no excuses.  I will even yell out on the forums if I need help.  This is my commitment to Mish as well.
I had been thinking about writing this last week but week but wanted to wait until after the Workout & Finale Party.  I can honestly say I am more inspired after the workout & seeing everyone's transformations.  I know I can push myself I also realise I do need to train around people.  How motivating is it!.  I have started on a mission to get people to sign up near me & am organising with a PT to run a few 12WBT sessions up in Hobart.  Hopefully we can get enough Hobart 12WBT'ers interested to make it a regular workout.  I have also created a 12WBT Tassie Crew.  If I am going to make this my round this is another way of getting support when I live in a slightly isolated area.
So to end off this post I am saying BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fitness Goals

Slacko signing in again.

My fitness goals for the 12WBT were:

1month:  Run to the end of the beach
3 month: Be able to run back again

Well I got my 1 month goal on the 1st October & today I got my 12 week goal.  I would have done a happy dance if I had have had the energy!  32 mins it took me & it is around 4.6km.  Need to start thinking of some new goals.  I think since the beach is nice & convenient I will just start to do a second lap.

Weight wise, my scales were playing up last week.  I jumped on the scales on Tuesday (bad I know!) & it showed a 0.8kg loss, so I worked my butt of to try to get to the 1kg, then the next day is only said 100g loss.  So after lunch I jumped on again & they then said I was lighter so I didn't know what was going on.  On Thursday I cleaned the bottom pads of the scales & put new batteries in & it once again said 0.8kg loss so that is what I recorded as my loss for the week.  No jumping on the scales early this week I will wait for Wednesday but lets hope I can get 1kg or more!

This weeks menu looks so yummy but I am not going to have a chance to drive up to the supermarket until Friday :(  Today we have pre-kinder, tomorrow the car is being serviced (cost me over $500 last week for new tyres) then Wednesday we have a rental inspection (good news is that we have a contract of sale on our house up in Hobart so can start building down here soon!) Thursday is the official opening of my Daughters new classroom (I may be able to go after this & the girls stay at school with Hubby until I get back) then its Friday!  It has been the only time I have regretted living 100kms from a decent supermarket!  I will just re-jig the menus for what I have (or can get locally) & do this weeks menu next week!

Good Luck for Wednesday everyone!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Second Weigh In

Wow how slack have I become with my blog!!  I will try to rectify it but for now here is a recap since I last posted.

This Weeks weigh 97.3kg
So loss during the program 2.5kg
Weight loss since signing up for pre-season 4.7kg.

We had more storms this week so the beach has been out for early morning exercising.  So I ended up sleeping in a bit longer.  I have now learnt that this is a BAD mistake!!  I felt so lethargic during the day & basically became lazy.  It took all of my effort to drag my sorry butt out to my carport to exercise on my Cross Trainer.  But I did manage to get through the workouts which each time included extra time on the cross trainer.  Last night I went for a walk along the beach to make up for my slackness earlier in the week.
Today I decided that even though its a stretching day I was getting up to go for a jog along the beach.  Well I am very happy to report that I made it to the end of the beach (2.3-2.5km) non-stop for the very first time!!!!!  This was my 4 week goal so I am stoked I have managed it already.  Now I will just work on getting my 16min time down a bit then I will start on trying to run back as well.

Well its off to do the fun of the housework for the day (not!!) enjoy the weekend everyone & Go the Saints!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Weigh In

I lost 0.8kg!  I was stoked then read what some others lost & started feeling like I hadn't done enough.  But then talked my self back around!  I have been keeping under 1200 calories & My exercise calories burnt were 860 on Monday & 630 Tuesday so I know I was good!  Still plenty of time to lose more.  Plus now it makes it a nicely rounded 3kgs since I signed up!

I went for a run on the beach today & I got to my next running goal.  It was only another 100m but now I can run 1.1km on the beach before stopping.  I can run a bit further on the road.  I walked for probably another 400m then ran another 400m.  Walked the whole way back!  450 calories gone in that effort.

Then I met up with some other Mum's for our Wednesday Morning Walk.  We walked along a 2km coastal bush track to the Port Arthur Historic site, we found a spot to sit for morning tea then a wander around before walking back.  I was going to count this as incidental exercise so I didn't put my HRM on but I wished I had now.  My just turned 4yo son decided he wasn't going to walk today so I put my back pack on my front & piggy backed him most of the way.  I was a bit beetroot coloured when we got back!! (& I must have looked sooooo stylish with the backpack on my front!!)

Who else has a Big Red Flag day on the weekend??  My husband is a mad St Kilda supporter & his best mate is a mad Collingwood Supporter so we are going to their place for a party/bbq.  I thought I would take a platter of vege sticks with some Tzaziki & Hommus Dip to cover any snacking, Then for the BBQ I might take a chicken breast or have a small steak.  Then just eat normal salad.  That should keep me within my calorie limit for the day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting Stats

Here we are on Day 2.  Everything is going really well & I can't believe how filling the meals are.  Felling absolutely stuffed after my wrap today.  Thought I should share my stats (no photo sharing yet though!)

Weight:  99.8kg  (got to my first goal of being under 100 for the start of this!)
Height: 169cm

1km Time Trial:  6.57
Push ups:  21
Wall Sit:  38secs
AB Stage:  1 (very poor in this area!)
Sit & Reach:  +6cm

So that gives me a mix of Beginner & Intermediate with 1 advanced!

I worked on the beginner level today but might go up to the intermediate next week.  I did however do 25mins on the cross trainer for warm up instead of 10, thought that would help burn a few extra calories!!  620 Calories burnt today.
Yesterday I went for a jog/walk (did my fitness test + extra) early in the morning & then late morning did a kickboxing DVD.  First workout was 330 calories & Second was 530!!  Just need to keep it up for 12 weeks now!!

Here's to a good weigh in tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


OK, So who else is pumped??  I have just spent the last hour going through the programs & recipes.  I was hanging out for the shopping list this morning but couldn't wait any longer we had to go so we could be back by 5.  So what do I do??  Call into the inlaws on the way & log on there so I could print out the shopping list.  So glad I did because I would have missed more than half the things needed.

So here I am with all of the food ready to go (OK I missed 2 items but I can get them at our small country store here) & have been through the exercise plans.  I think I might start at intermediate but will see what Mish has to say in the video on Sunday Night.

I will do my measurements & photo over the weekend.

Who else is all set ready to go??