Monday, May 16, 2011

Neglect & Why

I'm sorry, I have neglected this blog.  Why because I was embarrassed that I wasn't sticking to things (I even considered starting a new one).  Here I was on Round 2 encouraging people to be their best & I wasn't doing the same.  Why?  I thought I could do this by myself.  I can't I am not ready for that yet.  I need to follow Mish's plans.  Yes I still lost 5.5kg but I could have blitzed it so now here I am nearing Winter when I will be blitzing it in the cold.  I also felt ashamed to put it on the forums.  As Support Crew I felt I should know how to do it.  I realise how silly I was being now.  Round 2 2011 is my round.  I am cutting all crap (not to much to cut) & I will be exercising most days.  I have DVD's & some Gym equipment so there are no excuses.  I will even yell out on the forums if I need help.  This is my commitment to Mish as well.
I had been thinking about writing this last week but week but wanted to wait until after the Workout & Finale Party.  I can honestly say I am more inspired after the workout & seeing everyone's transformations.  I know I can push myself I also realise I do need to train around people.  How motivating is it!.  I have started on a mission to get people to sign up near me & am organising with a PT to run a few 12WBT sessions up in Hobart.  Hopefully we can get enough Hobart 12WBT'ers interested to make it a regular workout.  I have also created a 12WBT Tassie Crew.  If I am going to make this my round this is another way of getting support when I live in a slightly isolated area.
So to end off this post I am saying BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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