Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well here we are Day 1 of Round 2 2011 & wow the forums are going crazy!
I have had a few "lighbulb" moments since coming home from Melbourne & I have to say I am pumped for this round.  I also get to say that I am no longer Obese.  I am just overweight now.  I have 15kgs to go until I get to a healthy weight range & I am going to do everything I can to get there this round.  Since I lost 10kg in Round 3 last year & 5kg in Round 1 this year I know it will be tough but I now believe that I can do this.  I know that I can get to a healthy weight & by telling my friends & family this time about what I want I know I have too!!!
I have also managed to recruit a few friends to join me in this round & now have Tim (my hubby) & one of the Teachers at School doing it locally with me then I have a few friends up in Hobart & a few interstate so now we can support each other.  I am also hoping to organise a PT to run sessions on a Sunday in Hobart for those doing the 12wbt.  It will be a bit of a hike for us to do it but I need a chance to train around people, I push myself more when around others to this is just something else to help me along my way.

So in signing off today I will put up my beach run time.  The Beach is anywhere from 2.4km to 2.5km each way depending on the tide! today my time was 32mins & I did it non stop
(low tide today).  Tim's time was just over 36mins.  I am hoping to improve this greatly over the next 12 weeks.

xx Chels

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