Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fitness Goals

Slacko signing in again.

My fitness goals for the 12WBT were:

1month:  Run to the end of the beach
3 month: Be able to run back again

Well I got my 1 month goal on the 1st October & today I got my 12 week goal.  I would have done a happy dance if I had have had the energy!  32 mins it took me & it is around 4.6km.  Need to start thinking of some new goals.  I think since the beach is nice & convenient I will just start to do a second lap.

Weight wise, my scales were playing up last week.  I jumped on the scales on Tuesday (bad I know!) & it showed a 0.8kg loss, so I worked my butt of to try to get to the 1kg, then the next day is only said 100g loss.  So after lunch I jumped on again & they then said I was lighter so I didn't know what was going on.  On Thursday I cleaned the bottom pads of the scales & put new batteries in & it once again said 0.8kg loss so that is what I recorded as my loss for the week.  No jumping on the scales early this week I will wait for Wednesday but lets hope I can get 1kg or more!

This weeks menu looks so yummy but I am not going to have a chance to drive up to the supermarket until Friday :(  Today we have pre-kinder, tomorrow the car is being serviced (cost me over $500 last week for new tyres) then Wednesday we have a rental inspection (good news is that we have a contract of sale on our house up in Hobart so can start building down here soon!) Thursday is the official opening of my Daughters new classroom (I may be able to go after this & the girls stay at school with Hubby until I get back) then its Friday!  It has been the only time I have regretted living 100kms from a decent supermarket!  I will just re-jig the menus for what I have (or can get locally) & do this weeks menu next week!

Good Luck for Wednesday everyone!!


  1. Yay for reaching your one month goal. I think it is great when you get that achievement AND then recognise that maybe you need to adjust the rest of the goals. Well done.

    And tricky scales, well done for getting new batteries and having a good strong talk to them. Good luck for this weeks weigh in :)

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