Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a good start to the day

I was woken this morning from the sounds of my husband getting up & dressed, when I quizzed him as to what he was up to (it was 6.10 & he is not a morning person) he replied with I am following your lead & going for a run!  Since its School Holidays he didn't want to wake me until he got back so I could do my run then. But since my brother is staying I too got up & we went for a run together.  I cut another 15 seconds off my 1km time & he encouraged me to go a bit further so it was all good.  I also told he all about the pre-season tasks & my commitment & he was so good & told me that he better kick me out of bed every morning!

So now I know that I really can do it & I better do it now I have told him that I want to lose 12kg in 12 weeks!

I plan on taking the kids on a short bush walk today, its slow going so I won't be counting is as exercising.  We live in such a beautiful area & I need to make more use of the walks around me.  This one is a half hour drive away but the cliffs are spectacular.  If anyone knows Tasmania we are off to Devils Kitchen & Waterfall Bay today.


  1. Fantastic work, Chelsea!

    A bit of support goes along way. I've found the program has definitely had roll on effects to the rest of my family. We'd rather get out on our bikes or to the local pool for a swim rather than watch a movie like we used to.

  2. Great start Chelsea.....Getting all your ducks in a row as Michelle would say!!! It is great to have a variety of exercise options available.....in case the weather or sick kids throw a spanner in the works!! Looking forward to following you on your little trip!!