Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting Stats

Here we are on Day 2.  Everything is going really well & I can't believe how filling the meals are.  Felling absolutely stuffed after my wrap today.  Thought I should share my stats (no photo sharing yet though!)

Weight:  99.8kg  (got to my first goal of being under 100 for the start of this!)
Height: 169cm

1km Time Trial:  6.57
Push ups:  21
Wall Sit:  38secs
AB Stage:  1 (very poor in this area!)
Sit & Reach:  +6cm

So that gives me a mix of Beginner & Intermediate with 1 advanced!

I worked on the beginner level today but might go up to the intermediate next week.  I did however do 25mins on the cross trainer for warm up instead of 10, thought that would help burn a few extra calories!!  620 Calories burnt today.
Yesterday I went for a jog/walk (did my fitness test + extra) early in the morning & then late morning did a kickboxing DVD.  First workout was 330 calories & Second was 530!!  Just need to keep it up for 12 weeks now!!

Here's to a good weigh in tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. What a great start Chelsea!
    You will keep it up no problems :)