Thursday, September 30, 2010

Second Weigh In

Wow how slack have I become with my blog!!  I will try to rectify it but for now here is a recap since I last posted.

This Weeks weigh 97.3kg
So loss during the program 2.5kg
Weight loss since signing up for pre-season 4.7kg.

We had more storms this week so the beach has been out for early morning exercising.  So I ended up sleeping in a bit longer.  I have now learnt that this is a BAD mistake!!  I felt so lethargic during the day & basically became lazy.  It took all of my effort to drag my sorry butt out to my carport to exercise on my Cross Trainer.  But I did manage to get through the workouts which each time included extra time on the cross trainer.  Last night I went for a walk along the beach to make up for my slackness earlier in the week.
Today I decided that even though its a stretching day I was getting up to go for a jog along the beach.  Well I am very happy to report that I made it to the end of the beach (2.3-2.5km) non-stop for the very first time!!!!!  This was my 4 week goal so I am stoked I have managed it already.  Now I will just work on getting my 16min time down a bit then I will start on trying to run back as well.

Well its off to do the fun of the housework for the day (not!!) enjoy the weekend everyone & Go the Saints!


  1. Well done with the run! Go Saints!

  2. Well done!

    It is pretty exciting when we hit those goals early! 16mins doesn't seem like too bad of a time anyway - I reckon just head straight into trying to run back!