Thursday, September 16, 2010


OK, So who else is pumped??  I have just spent the last hour going through the programs & recipes.  I was hanging out for the shopping list this morning but couldn't wait any longer we had to go so we could be back by 5.  So what do I do??  Call into the inlaws on the way & log on there so I could print out the shopping list.  So glad I did because I would have missed more than half the things needed.

So here I am with all of the food ready to go (OK I missed 2 items but I can get them at our small country store here) & have been through the exercise plans.  I think I might start at intermediate but will see what Mish has to say in the video on Sunday Night.

I will do my measurements & photo over the weekend.

Who else is all set ready to go??


  1. So pumped to get started!

    It's really exciting isn't it!

  2. Getting excited, done my measurements and photo! Need to work out substitutions first before shopping (can't eat strawberries, unless win lottery wont be buying blue berries or grapes outa season, lean beef mince doesn't exist at our supermarket.
    Also have to work out amounts for evening meals as all four of us will be eating them (but also work out the extras for the others - no weight loss required there) and sort out if hubby is gonna keep eating his salad sandwiches for lunch or if he is gonna eat like me - phew puff pant

  3. Me - I am pumped! Am finalising the list tonight (to take into account growing boys, shrinking husband, work sharing) and then tomorrow after I do a 'smash it up Saturday' I am going to do the shopping and cook up a batch of the freezer friendly foods.

    I love the tools we have been given and that there is a group of like minded people to do it with :)