Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not Such a good Weekend (or was it!!)

We had a fantastic weekend socially but not so good food or exercise wise!!

The weekend started on Friday with my Husbands Birthday.  He also played in His Hockey Grand Final Friday Night & won!!  So Friday during the day we needed to have a late lunch & I ordered Salt & Pepper Squid which was fine problem was I ate some of the hot chips that came with it.  The salad that was also with it consisted of half a piece of lettuce!  So we get to the Grand Final, I had a salad wrap for tea & was disgusted to see it had almost 400 calories in it!  Probably normally would have been fine but I was drinking Bacardi Breezers with it!  So we bypass the celebrating & how many breezers I consumed & we get to Saturday Morning.  We stayed at Wrest Point Casino so got up the the Breakfast Buffet.  Mmmmmm Scrambled Eggs & Bacon, then a bowl of fruit & yogurt.  In my defence I didn't eat again until 3pm.  Mainly because I was still that full!  Rest of the day was OK.
Sunday.............  We have friends staying so we tool them on a lovely bush walk to the World Heritage area of the Coal Mines at Saltwater River.  Beautiful.  Then we get home & its cheese platter time.  I had already got some Tzaziki Dip so was OKish.  The Tea I was very good & made a lovely salad but then it was Champagne & a Cowboy night cap.

I don't want to add up the calories consumed.  Today is a new day, I will exercise today & my eating will get back on track ready for kick off.  I have seen a few people talk about a last hurrah.  I wasn't going to have one but looks like it crept up on me anyway.  I will make sure I burn more than 500 calories each day now!

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