Monday, September 6, 2010

My First Loss

Not too much to report today except for my first loss!!!!  1.3kg down (even though I was scared to get on the scales!) 

Exercise wise today was not the best but I did go for a 6km bike ride & a 3km walk.  The bike ride was with my 10yo daughter.  So the ride took 10 Min's longer than normal & I burnt 100 calories less than I have been.  It was a nice ride though & my daughter really enjoyed it.  The Beach walk was with my Husband but as he is trying to get over a groin injury & be OK for his Hockey Grand final on Friday night is was a lovely leisurely sunset walk.  I suppose it was better than staying at home doing nothing!

I need to get into my morning routine of running this week.  Its school holidays here in Tassie but I will still get up early & get moving before anyone else hits the beach (don't feel so funny about running then!)

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