Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Weigh In

I lost 0.8kg!  I was stoked then read what some others lost & started feeling like I hadn't done enough.  But then talked my self back around!  I have been keeping under 1200 calories & My exercise calories burnt were 860 on Monday & 630 Tuesday so I know I was good!  Still plenty of time to lose more.  Plus now it makes it a nicely rounded 3kgs since I signed up!

I went for a run on the beach today & I got to my next running goal.  It was only another 100m but now I can run 1.1km on the beach before stopping.  I can run a bit further on the road.  I walked for probably another 400m then ran another 400m.  Walked the whole way back!  450 calories gone in that effort.

Then I met up with some other Mum's for our Wednesday Morning Walk.  We walked along a 2km coastal bush track to the Port Arthur Historic site, we found a spot to sit for morning tea then a wander around before walking back.  I was going to count this as incidental exercise so I didn't put my HRM on but I wished I had now.  My just turned 4yo son decided he wasn't going to walk today so I put my back pack on my front & piggy backed him most of the way.  I was a bit beetroot coloured when we got back!! (& I must have looked sooooo stylish with the backpack on my front!!)

Who else has a Big Red Flag day on the weekend??  My husband is a mad St Kilda supporter & his best mate is a mad Collingwood Supporter so we are going to their place for a party/bbq.  I thought I would take a platter of vege sticks with some Tzaziki & Hommus Dip to cover any snacking, Then for the BBQ I might take a chicken breast or have a small steak.  Then just eat normal salad.  That should keep me within my calorie limit for the day.


  1. Any "downwards" trend is good I think! I felt a bit like you when I saw others' results, but I'm not too worried about losing it slowly and steadily. Good on you with the running achievements!

  2. I think its also a case of how much you have to loose and how used to exercise your body is. Any loss is a great thing xo

  3. Yay for your loss Chelsea. That is fantastic. And yep, red flag on hi-alert here. We are having an in-house AFL party. They boys switched from being Swans supports to St Kilda after hooking up with a St's mad Melbourne cousin at Easter this year. We have guernseys ready, the balloons are bought and snacks have been factored in! Perhaps bring some lite popped popcorn with you. 1/5 of a bag is only 70 calories - AND it makes you drink more water..

    Good luck this weekend