Saturday, August 28, 2010

Creating a Habit

I am hoping that keeping this blog will keep me more accountable.  I need routine!!  I am trying to start my routing before round 3 starts so I can go in with all guns firing. 

First is exercise.  I have been bike riding 3 out of the past 4 days.  I have managed to cut 3 mins off my time each time I go out.  I think its about 6km I am riding so once I have that under control (haven't riden my bike for 10 years!) I will extend it which means hills!  I am also going to fit in a walk most days.  My aim is to do one of those exercises in the morning & the other in the afternoon.  I also have Mich's Crunch Time Book so I might start thoses exercises before Round 3 starts so I am not in for such a surprise when it starts. 

Food, I know what I should be eating, I just don't do it.  So I am going to cut down on the bad stuff & start replacing it with the good.

Scales, I am almost too scared to get on them, I know they are going to show a number I have never seen before, not even when I was pregnant.  I will build up the courage soon!

Lets hope by the time Round 3 starts I am already seeing results.


  1. Fantastic work Chelsea! We were waiting until Christmas to buy everyone bikes but we decided we could make more use of them by buying them now. My gorgeous 10yo daughter has learnt to ride her bike in just a few days (she hasn't had a bike for a few years....) and I hopped on for the first time in prob 20 years.... Today we ALL went for a 45min bike ride and I burned a bonus 300 Calories! You will definitely see results!

  2. Hi Chelsea, I just signed up to 12WBT too, Round 3, and you struck a chord with the beach and bike. Think I might take a leaf out of your book and start up a separate 12WBT blog as well. Good luck, I'm bookmarking you, so will keep checking in!